How to write Chinese words

The biggest majority of Chinese characters are in the shape of a square. They are made up of strokes. In order to write Chinese words, the first thing you shall know is the strokes of Chinese characters and how to call them in Chinese.

Basic Chinese Writing Stokes

Stroke Names Way of Writing Example
Heng 横 [heng] Horizonal Stroke Horizontally from left to right 三 three
Shu 竖 [shu] Vertical Stroke Vertically from top to bottom 十 ten
Pie 撇 [pie] Left-falling Stroke Softly from top to lower left 八 eight
Na 捺 [na] Right-falling Stroke Softly from top to lower right 人 human
Dian 点 [dian] Dot Stroke Dot to lower right 太[tài] far too
Ti 提 [ti] Rising Stroke Dot from bottom left to top right 习[xí] practice

Strokes that are attached to other strokes are called dependent strokes. They include Turning Strokes and Hook Strokes.

Dependent Strokes

Dependent Strokes Names Example
Turning Strokes héng zhé 横折 [héng zhé] Horizontal Turning Stroke 五 five
shù zhé 竖折 [shù zhé] Vertical Turning Stroke 山 [mountain
piě zhé 撇折 [piě zhé] Left-falling Turning Stroke 云[yún] cloud
Hook Strokes shù gōu 竖钩 [shù gōu] Vertical Hook Stroke 小 small
héng gōu 横钩 [héng gōu] Horizontal Hook Stroke 买 [mǎi] buy
xié gōu 斜钩 [xié gōu] Slanting Hook Stroke 划[huá] scratch, paddle
wān gōu 弯钩 [wān gōu] Curved Hook Stroke 家[jiā] home
wò gōu 卧钩 [wò gōu] Lying Hook Stroke 心[xīn] heart

The above-mentioned are just essential basic strokes. More complicated ones have been left out for this information page.

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