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You are planning to spent your next holidays in China and would like to be able to communicate with your environment?
You are a a fan of delicious chinese food, chinese philosophy or martial arts and would like to be able to understand more then just English translations?
You would like to have a conversation with your Chinese speaking neighbour?
Then you are at the right place.
We present you reviews of the best Chinese courses you can find on the internet and useful information about the Chinese language.

It doesn’t only pay to learn Chinese because it is spoken by more then 1.2 billion speakers worldwide and one of the most important languages, but as well because it is an interesting and beautiful language.
It is the language with the most native speakers and, besides English, the most spoken language world wide.

By learning Chinese you are not only learning a language, but you’re getting to know as well the Chinese culture, with its history, traditions and customs

If you are still not convinced have a look in our Chinese Lessons section or subscribe to our easy 10 part starter course, where you can get a quick and easy start into the Chinese language and you will see:

Learning Chinese is fun

Rocket Languages Chinese

Best Overall Chinese Course: Rocket Languages Chinese

Chinese can be a very difficult language to learn. It is so totally different from any of the other languages that to an outsider, it is the most daunting task. I experienced it myself and faced a great deal of frustration when Chinese learning courses failed to deliver. This is when I came across Rocket Chinese and believe me, this is one of the best in the market these days!

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